Who are we?

Created in 1987 by Francois and Anne Lemoël, PEOPLE TV is an independent media group, which employs twenty employees (journalists, technicians and administrative staff) and 80 correspondents around the world. Since 2005, PEOPLE TV has 5 offices abroad: Brussels, New York, Bamako, Beirut and Dubai.

The Team
Francois Baudry

François BAUDRY

Founder, General Manager

François BAUDRY is an expert in development and communication issues. After completing his scientific studies at INSA in Lyon, France, he went on to study audio-visual media and journalism. Founder of CEDETEL (The Centre for the Study and Development of Television) with a group of eminent French personalities he worked as a chargé de mission, then head of communication for the CNPF (now MEDEF).  He has an excellent knowledge of the geoplitical,  social , economic, and cultural issues concerning the African continent.

Anne Lemoel

Anne Lemoël

Founder, Vice-President

Anne LEMOËL has forged her career in communication and journalism. After studying at CELSA-Paris Sorbonne she produced and presented several news programmes and broadcasts on French television channels (TF1, France 3, TV5, CFI) as well as foreign networks (FNN – Financial News Network, Beijing TV, NKS – Nikkei Satellite News). Her childhood in Nigeria and her high-school years in Morocco were the foundations for her wide-reaching knowledge of the African continent and development issues.

Benjamin Riffle

Benjamin Rifflé

Production Manager
After graduating in Communications and Computing, Benjamin decided to gain hands-on experience by joiningCanal + where he worked in several different departments – namely production management – over a two-year period. During this period he got the travel bug and would spend his free time exploring new horizons – particularly in Asia. In 2009 he joined the People TV team where he worked his way up from production assistant to head of production. Benjamin is the company’s go-to man and can be found on shoots and studio set-ups, organising missions and trouble-shooting.

Haoua Diarra

Antennas Director
A graduate in Commerce and Marketing Techniques, Haoua Diarra followed a somewhat atypical career path. With her passion for culture and art – and a particular fondness for interior decoration, local textiles, and African hairstyling– she was soon putting her artistic talents and organisational flair to the service of her country’s cultural development. Every year she plays an active role in organising the internationally renown‘Festival on Niger’. She also puts her artistic know-how to work as a coach at the National Hairstylists Salon. In 2007, while on a cultural study trip to Bamako, she met Anne Lemoël and François Baudry who wasted no time putting her in charge of AFRICA PLUS –a company incorporated under Malian law – and she was soon responsible for handling the PEOPLE TV broadcast network of 50 African television channels andliaising with journalists and partners in the sub-region.

Adama Sidibé

Media relations
Adama Sidibé is an English studies graduate from the National Superior School of Bamako.Adama started his professional life as a teacher andacademic administrator. An active participant in associations and community groups, his passions are literature and communication.  It was not long before Adama joined the media milieu as a radio presenter and, more recently, as head of media relations with English-speaking channels from the People TV network. His favourite pastimes are reading, sport, and travelling.
Thierry Schiller

Thierry Schiller

Technical Director
Thierry Schiller is both the chief film editor and a passionate film-maker. Thierry has worked on programmes broadcast on a host of television channels both in France and around the world. His vast experience producing programmes for France 2 and France O over a six-year period inevitably led to a career in television. For the past 15 years his talent and methodical approach have been instrumental in the success of the weekly BUSINESS AFRICA and INITIATIVE AFRICA programmes.Level-headed and with an easy-going manner – even in the most fraught circumstances – Thierry is greatly appreciated by People TV crews.


  • 1987 to present day

    PEOPLE TV has produced many shows for French channels

    TF1: Aventures Inattendues 48×26′ (the backstage of the economy), Tous en Action (business magazine with the participation of students), Brico-Conseils, La Dictée des As (game and variety), La France Vue du Ciel (game ), Les Conseils du Tigre (motor Vehicle Safety). France 2: Le Bac à Cracs (game ), Et avec les Oreilles (game ) France 3: Amuse-Mots, Les Délices de Pierrot (kids) TV5: Méridienne (tourism), Espace-Entreprise.
  • 1987 to present day

    Consultant in communication strategy and media relations. Media-training.

  • 1995 to present

    International on opening

    Paris Business (Weekly magazine for CNBC US) Business Report (for CFI, broadcast world) Business News (for The Learning Channel) Euro Business (for BTV China, KBC Korea, SBC Singapore, BITV India and NSN Japan), Les Paniers de France (Weekly magazine for discovering the French Terroirs for Mall All TV 5 Japan), Allo Paris (for MTV Russia).
  • 2000 to present

    International Development in activities

    Consultant for launch of television channels (GB, ANN. Libya, 9.9.99 TV…) Press agency with a focus on themes such as economic matters, social issues, and the development of Islam (Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and Europe. Europe). Coverage of aeronautics salons worldwide, innovations in the automobile sector, reconstruction in Afghanistan, WTO negotiations inDoha, France 24, ENTV, JTV, LBC,… In Africa: BUSINESS AFRICA and INITIATIVE AFRICA.