Welcome to the web site of the television program BUSINESS AFRICA, Produced by People TV and spread(broadcasted) every week on a network of more than 50 partner African and international chains(channels).

This Week in Business Africa :

  1. Banks and loans
  2. Kenya: ICT number one
  3. Morocco: Water for development



BUSINESS AFRICA is the broadcast of information intended for the African leaders and for all those who are interested in the development of the continent. Launched in June, 2000, this program is the program of information with the strongest audience about the continent today.

BUSINESS AFRICA is produced in French, English and Portuguese with reports, Interviews, portraits and news in brief on the economic and financial current events of the continent and the world.


Produced in French and in English by the news agency People TV the broadcast BUSINESS AFRICA is diffused every week by more than 50 partner African television channels and on the European satellite bouquets.

Of a duration of approximately 30 minutes, it consists of 3 in reports of approximately 6 minutes completed by news in brief of information and by game. The broadcast is besides realized in close collaboration with the journalists appointed by the partner television channels.

Editorial line

BUSINESS AFRICA follows an editorial line which respects the individualities and the communities, local, regional and national.

The contents of the magazine concern the development of the African savings, as much by the game of the local initiatives as by that of the regional and national commitments. The final goal is to value the private and public initiatives having positive effects on the processes of development of the African countries, the actions of the private individuals, States and International Organizations which increase the economic wealth and the social well-being of the men and the women of the African continent.


Journalist bilingual presenter, professor of finance and economics at the Sorbonne, Paris.

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